Is There a Future for Printed Magazines?



With nearly everything being available on the Internet nowadays, printed media seems to be quickly becoming obsolete. Major consumer magazine companies are experiencing trouble and a downturn in sales, but is this an indicator that printed magazines are a thing of the past?

Despite the turmoil that major consumer magazine companies are experiencing, reports indicate that small magazines and the brands surrounding them are flourishing.

“Publishers are getting savvier about targeting the most specific audience they can find, and publishing accordingly.” said David Pilcher, VP of Sales and Marketing for Freeport, in an article by Folio.

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International Publishers Eye the United States as a Promising Expansion Market With Help From CircSense


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With a recent influx of Hispanic and many other international titles desiring to launch their publications in the U.S., we at CircSense are pleased to report that publishers have increasingly been drawn to seek out the guidance and expertise found at our global marketing and publishing solutions firm in order to solve the many dilemmas they are faced with when entering into new territory.

With CircSense’s practical approach grounded in many years of experience, international publishers are able to find the help they need by allowing CircSense to plan and implement strategies for marketing and audience development needs in the USA.

Language is one barrier CircSense does not let stand in the way of business being done as they are particularly well equipped to service international clients in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

CircSense’s extensive knowledge reaches far and wide and their experienced team of experts are versed in handling a variety of publications in various industries including magazines ranging from luxury yachts to home décor all the way to women’s interest, TV personalities, and beyond.

Whether you’re starting a new title or in need of help with an existing magazine, CircSense covers the entire range of functions vital to building and managing a publication’s marketing and circulation. So, don’t wait! Contact them today to learn more.

Do Print and Digital Advertising Actually Complement One Another?

A False Dilemma

It’s often assumed that digital advertising is replacing print advertising, that print and digital cannot co-exist, or simply that print is dead. Perhaps a fourth assumption that does not typically even enter the realm of possibilities in the first place is that print and digital advertising can’t complement one another. But looking to this either/or type of scenario just isn’t a sound foundation on which to build a marketing campaign.

Enlightening Discoveries

So how is it that two seemingly at-odd mediums can work in conjunction to help advertisers? Well, like most things in life, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to advertising. Illuminating research has brought to light the fact that adding a print element to an online campaign or TV campaign actually improves persuasion metrics and purchase intent by 10% and 17% respectively; and, this is but one recent example of specific findings.

A True Solution

It’s imperative to look at the actual facts since making assumptions can have enormously detrimental effects. In order to complete an advertising strategy, a publishing company needs sound and targeted distribution. That’s why publishers both domestic and international depend on seasoned professional firms like CircSense to help them all the way through the process – from planning to execution. CircSense intimately understands the relationship between print and digital and leverage it to their clients’ advantage. With a solid custom-tailored circulation and distribution plan in place thanks to CircSense, companies can then move forward with advertising knowing they have a strong foundation to launch from.

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Permanence and Longevity of Print Advertising vs. Digital Advertising


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ROI is the Bottom Line

If you were to take a random person off the street today and ask them if they thought print was dead and digital advertising was the best present form of promotion, there’s a strong chance they’d affirm this assertion. However, compelling evidence points to an entirely different premise than the one that, almost blindly, props up digital advertising as the undisputable champion and “wave of the future”. Not only is print advertising not dead, but in some cases has been found to still be far more effective when it comes to ROI. Shocking as this might be to some, the facts simply don’t lie.

Let Print Live!

Despite debate over and uncertainty as to why this underestimated success of print exists, print continues to have a promising future with magazines serving as a fundamental advertising medium.

All this being said, now is no time to move away from print advertising but rather to embrace it. Magazines thrive in a variety of settings such as doctors’ offices since older issues may remain on display for multiple months after the published issue date of a magazine. It is important to consider how this kind of benefit – among many others – simply does not occur with digital advertising which has a short life span and is commonly ignored much like “junk mail” was in the 1980’s when mail boxes were full of promotional mail pieces.

Stayed tuned for more from us in our next blog on how print and digital advertising can actually complement one another!

Why Distribution Matters: Magazine Essentials


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How to Start a Magazine

Like any endeavor, starting a magazine takes a healthy amount of forethought, planning, and a little bit of luck. Magazine entrepreneurs aim to boost their readership in measured ways, generating more and more interest with each issue, but that forward progress takes time. Fortunately, we at Circ Sense can fill that role, and help companies achieve that readership by focusing on channels of distribution like newsstand distribution, magazines at doctor offices, and magazine airport distribution – particularly at VIP clubs.

Proper Magazine Distribution

With an astounding 30+ years of magazine circulation experience under our belts, we at Circ Sense are ready and willing to help you embark on the trail to success with your new magazine. Allow our professional staff members to give you tips and advise you on the proper channels to use for your circulation. We are here to help and happy to provide assistance in any way possible.

Drum Up Readership for your Publication at High Readership Locations with Circ Sense


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Smart Methods for Starting a Magazine

With the holidays fast approaching, families and friends will be flocking to the skies to see loved ones all over the country. Some families will look to get out of town and away from the cold, enjoying a tropical respite in a warmer climate. Airport employees are familiar with the spike in traffic around the holidays, as are magazine publishers who push to have their issues prominently displayed. A noticeable spot in a heavily-trafficked airport can bring a substantial boost to readership to any magazine, a fact which we at Circ Sense know all too well. With our help, you can ensure your magazine gets the attention it deserves, and that it receives views from casual readers – its an effective strategy for introducing them to your brand and piquing their interest.

The Importance of Airport Distribution

Whether you are an established publication looking to increase your readership, or a startup magazine seeking to build your customer base, we at Circ Sense can help. Visit us online today to learn more!

Survey Indicates that Print Magazines are Preferred Choice over Digital


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Get Help Starting a Magazine

Although advertising budgets indicate a shift towards digital media and away from traditional print, the number of readers who choose print continues to remain high. A new survey by Mequoda from last month reveals that 70 percent of adults in the U.S. read a print magazine in the last 30 days, and 51 percent read at least two. Unsurprisingly to some, those figures mirror numbers collected from the same time one year ago. Digital magazines lag behind, with 41 percent of responders reporting have read at least one digital magazine. That number does represent an increase however, of 4% over the previous year.

If anything, the survey demonstrates that while digital media has proven its worth, traditional print media is still very much relevant and desired by the readers. Here at Circ Sense, we recognize how vital print magazines can be, which is why we believe that a great product should reach the masses. Our team can help you reach levels of success you’ve only dreamed of. To learn more visit us online today and discover how we can catapult your publication into the upper echelon of success.

Alleviate Your Stress and Ease Your Worries with CircSense


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Start a Magazine

In today’s day and age, there are so many aspects of starting any business that it can be a bit overwhelming to tackle on your own. From budget, to planning, to personnel decisions, and even the marketing of the business itself – new businesses require a lot of effort, cooperation, and a bit of luck. Fortunately, the effort to create a successful magazine is not a path you have to walk alone. Here at CircSense we can help you start a magazine, and do some of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on other pressing matters. Allow us to help you grow circulation, manage your resources, and utilize all the possible tools you have at your disposal to make your mark.

Direct Mail Planning

As any good entrepreneur understands, honing in on your target audience is crucial to the ascension of the business into the upper echelon of success. We can help your direct mail planning efforts, and ensure you are hitting your target demographics with each new issue. The only question we have now is: what are you waiting for? Learn more about what we can offer you today!

CircSense Offers Great Circulation at Fraction of the Cost of Magazine Circulation Department


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Professional Magazine Distributors

The proliferation of numerous forms of media in today’s day and age results in a wealth of information for consumers, as well as a healthy competition among distributors. Finding one’s niche in a sea of great print media can be a tall task. Fortunately, it is a hurdle that is much easier to overcome when you have the right team in your back pocket. We at CircSense are prepared to help you! Allow us to give you the tools and perform the necessary functions for a much lower cost than competitors. In essence, we can accomplish everything you need from a circulation perspective without the pricey overhead associated with an office, salaries, employee benefits, etc.

Utilize the Expertise of Magazine Distribution Experts

With an astounding 50+ years of combined magazine circulation experience under our belts, we at CircSense are ready and willing to help you embark on the trail to success with your new magazine. Allow our professional staff members to give you tips and advise you on the proper channels to use for your circulation. We are here to help and happy to provide assistance in any way possible.

We Help Your Brand Make a Splash


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Magazine craziness

The Importance of Magazine Distribution

In today’s day and age, discovering your community of people that share your interest in a given sport, hobby, activity, or fandom is easier than ever. There are countless podcasts, TV shows, and musical artists that cater to varied audiences, each with its distinctive flavor. Magazines are no different, with publications that focus on numerous topics peppering the magazine landscape.

Finding your niche, and grabbing the attention of your audience can be a difficult task – even for the most popular of subjects. Fortunately we at Circ Sense can help you get your brand noticed. Our relationships in the magazine industry will help get your magazine on popular newsstands across the country.

Circ Sense Can Help you Start a Magazine

With an astounding 30+ years of magazine circulation experience under our belts, we at Circ Sense are ready and willing to help you embark on the trail to success with your new magazine. Allow our professional staff members to give you tips and advise you on the proper channels to use for your circulation. We are here to help and happy to provide assistance in any way possible.