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ROI is the Bottom Line

If you were to take a random person off the street today and ask them if they thought print was dead and digital advertising was the best present form of promotion, there’s a strong chance they’d affirm this assertion. However, compelling evidence points to an entirely different premise than the one that, almost blindly, props up digital advertising as the undisputable champion and “wave of the future”. Not only is print advertising not dead, but in some cases has been found to still be far more effective when it comes to ROI. Shocking as this might be to some, the facts simply don’t lie.

Let Print Live!

Despite debate over and uncertainty as to why this underestimated success of print exists, print continues to have a promising future with magazines serving as a fundamental advertising medium.

All this being said, now is no time to move away from print advertising but rather to embrace it. Magazines thrive in a variety of settings such as doctors’ offices since older issues may remain on display for multiple months after the published issue date of a magazine. It is important to consider how this kind of benefit – among many others – simply does not occur with digital advertising which has a short life span and is commonly ignored much like “junk mail” was in the 1980’s when mail boxes were full of promotional mail pieces.

Stayed tuned for more from us in our next blog on how print and digital advertising can actually complement one another!