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Although advertising budgets indicate a shift towards digital media and away from traditional print, the number of readers who choose print continues to remain high. A new survey by Mequoda from last month reveals that 70 percent of adults in the U.S. read a print magazine in the last 30 days, and 51 percent read at least two. Unsurprisingly to some, those figures mirror numbers collected from the same time one year ago. Digital magazines lag behind, with 41 percent of responders reporting have read at least one digital magazine. That number does represent an increase however, of 4% over the previous year.

If anything, the survey demonstrates that while digital media has proven its worth, traditional print media is still very much relevant and desired by the readers. Here at Circ Sense, we recognize how vital print magazines can be, which is why we believe that a great product should reach the masses. Our team can help you reach levels of success you’ve only dreamed of. To learn more visit us online today and discover how we can catapult your publication into the upper echelon of success.