A False Dilemma

It’s often assumed that digital advertising is replacing print advertising, that print and digital cannot co-exist, or simply that print is dead. Perhaps a fourth assumption that does not typically even enter the realm of possibilities in the first place is that print and digital advertising can’t complement one another. But looking to this either/or type of scenario just isn’t a sound foundation on which to build a marketing campaign.

Enlightening Discoveries

So how is it that two seemingly at-odd mediums can work in conjunction to help advertisers? Well, like most things in life, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to advertising. Illuminating research has brought to light the fact that adding a print element to an online campaign or TV campaign actually improves persuasion metrics and purchase intent by 10% and 17% respectively; and, this is but one recent example of specific findings.

A True Solution

It’s imperative to look at the actual facts since making assumptions can have enormously detrimental effects. In order to complete an advertising strategy, a publishing company needs sound and targeted distribution. That’s why publishers both domestic and international depend on seasoned professional firms like CircSense to help them all the way through the process – from planning to execution. CircSense intimately understands the relationship between print and digital and leverage it to their clients’ advantage. With a solid custom-tailored circulation and distribution plan in place thanks to CircSense, companies can then move forward with advertising knowing they have a strong foundation to launch from.

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