Start a Magazine the Right Way


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The Essentials of Starting a Magazine

Any published endeavor these days requires a generous amount of planning, forethought, and consideration. Creating one enticing issue of a magazine is just the beginning – the key is to keep that success and maintain a healthy level of readership. Keeping your audience captivated month after month is a skill that only the best publications can sustain. Important elements to be cognizant of include:

  • Target your audience – This is essential. Be sure to find your voice and establish who your core audience, including age demographics, gender, or race. If your magazine is less nuanced and more relatable to a large audience, make sure your team knows that.
  • Plan, plan, plan – An organized team will make this happen. Delegate appropriately and enact regular deadlines for ads, images, and proofs.
  • Stick to your strengths – Who you hire is integral to success. A solid graphic designer is just as important as a knowledgeable writer. Don’t stretch yourself too thin and avoid making your magazine overly stuffed with filler.

Utilize the Expertise of Magazine Distribution Experts

With an astounding 30+ years of magazine circulation experience under our belts, we at Circ Sense are ready and willing to help you embark on the trail to success with your new magazine. Allow our professional staff members to give you tips and advise you on the proper channels to use for your circulation. We are here to help and happy to provide assistance in any way possible.


Tips for Magazine Business Planning


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Starting a Magazine

Similar to any business venture, beginning a magazine takes a considerable amount of forethought, energy, and ingenuity. In order to be successful in the print world, you have to come up with an idea no one has done before, or improve upon the current publications that dominate the circulation. First and foremost, some financial capital is necessary to jumpstart your magazine. From there, creating a magazine predictive model and establishing who your audience is are crucial components. Create an editorial calendar and determine when your specialty issues will be coming out. Finally, ensure that you have the proper original copy advertorial copy ratio necessary to attract readers and stay afloat financially.

Basics of Magazine Distribution

Ultimately, the tendency of a magazine to sink or swim hinges upon smart distribution. If you are not reaching the right readers it will not matter how many great articles you have. You can trust the team at Circ Sense to help you find the right distribution for your publication. Our team members have a cavalcade of relevant industry experience to help you catapult your magazine to the upper echelon of success.

Important Things to Remember When Starting a Magazine


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Keys to the Starting a New Magazine

Creating any new publication in today’s day and age is a real challenge. Editors and writers struggle everyday to generate, rich, engaging content that customers will pick up and become engrossed in. Too often, millennials and their younger counterparts – dubbed Generation Z – simply do not have the attention span to appreciate any writing of substance.

Fortunately, though starting a magazine today is difficult, we have put together a few simple concepts to bear in mind as you move forward with your grand ideas. For starters of course, a great magazine concept chock full of interesting content is crucial. Once your basic idea has been decided upon, other elements begin to fall into place.

How to Start a Magazine

It is important to establish an Editorial Calendar to determine what your content will consist of. Aim for planning at least the first year to two years, and figure out if you will be publishing “Special Issues” revolving around a specific holiday, cultural event, or other tie-in.

Other tips include:

  • Create and maintain a production schedule so that your magazine stays relevant and distributed on time to newsstands
  • Ad Sales: Advertisements are the glue that keeps magazines together. Evaluate which advertisers your magazine should target, and consider reaching advertisers outside your main category to locate advertisers who may be interested in your reader demographics and high readership numbers.
  • Circulation/Distribution Strategy: Choosing a circulation/distribution strategy will build a bedrock for selling ads. This helps advertisers because they can identify the magazine on newsstands and public waiting areas such as doctors offices.

Proper Magazine Distribution

Whether you are a veteran of the magazine industry or just looking to get your feet wet, we at Circ Sense can help! Allow us to work with you and ensure your magazine gets the necessary exposure to truly flourish and succeed in this industry.

Amazon Makes Plans to Open Brick & Mortar Stores


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First Foray Into New Market

For 22 years, Amazon has helped consumers far and wide get the goods they need, delivered right to their door. From household items to electronics, to books, dvds, and other forms of media – Amazon is the place to find what you need, everything from A to Z. In the past decade the company has flourished, largely as a result of their lightning fast delivery time. 2005 marked the first year of Amazon Prime, an elite service designed to cater to the needs of Amazon’s most loyal customers. One month ago the public found out about Amazon’s plans to enter into the brick & mortar world of traditional business. The veritable online juggernaut seeks to erect 300-400 bookstores in the months and years to come. The move is unprecedented, and will put them on solid footing to continue to chip away at the business that Barnes & Noble Inc., which operates 640 stores nationwide, currently sustains.

Significant Paths for Newsstand Distribution

Though many consumers and business owners are still composing themselves in the wake of this news, others see it as an opportunity to grow their own brand. Here at Circ Sense, growing brands is our bread and butter – our team members are well versed in magazine distribution and can significantly increase your readership and following. We help magazine publishers attain optimal newsstand circulation by finding the most appropriate national newsstand distributor and have extensive experience helping developed magazines and/or publishers considering starting a magazine. Our company is staffed with some of the best, experienced magazine experts that can help catapult you into the upper echelon of magazine success.

Circulation, Marketing, and Distribution Tips for Your New Magazine


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Take Advantage of Direct Mail Management

Similar to any major undertaking, the process of creating an interesting, engaging, and ultimately profitable enterprise can be simply daunting at times. Once you’ve carefully navigated all the possible pitfalls, and you’re ready to get the word out about your newly minted publication the question becomes: just how do I do this? Who do you speak to? What companies will offer you help without sucking your funding dry? And where should my magazine be distributed to for maximum impact? Here at CircSense, we can effectively answer all those questions and more. Allow us to help guide you through the nuances of direct mail management. Our team of experts can help you on the path to success, and give you the tools you need to manage your magazine and grow your circulation so that your brand can thrive.

A Magazine Distributor That Works With You

Determining the best plan of action amongst a veritable maze of options is at the core of what we do best here at CircSense. You can rely on our team – a group replete with industry experience – to keep the best interests of your business at heart and enable your magazine to truly flourish. Take a moment to peruse our website and discover all of the ways we can help you today. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Many Benefits of Print Media


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Trends in Print Media Today

Print media as we know it is not dead, despite what some reports have said in recent years. In fact, print media such as magazines is very much alive, and readers are still drawn to physical copies to read. A recent article written by Jim Elliot in Folio spoke on this very topic (“A Look Ahead: Print and Digital Periodicals,” November 18, 2015, explaining how print media is still viable. Specifically, readers still enjoy reading print copies, and the move to digital copies has not been as comprehensive as once anticipated. In fact, iPad sales are on the decline, and many digital only websites have taken their efforts off-line, creating print copies of their digital editions.

Essentials for Magazine Distribution

The ultimate conclusion Jim reached is that publishers should feel confident pushing print copies of their magazines. Ultimately, the jury is still out – the American public hasn’t flocked to digital editions of magazines in droves, and the market is still there for print media. CircSense understands this fact better than almost anyone, which is why they are on the front lines, helping magazines make the most out of their distribution power. Browse our website today to learn more about how we can help your magazine achieve pronounced distribution improvements.

The Future of the Magazine: Looking to 2016 and Beyond


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The Importance of Magazine Distribution

If 2015 has taught us anything about the viability of print media in the future, it has taught us that print media has genuine staying power. Consumers still see the value of the hard copy of printed materials, and there is something to be said about the textile feel of a book, magazine, or newspaper in one’s hands.

In an article released on August 18 of this year (“The State of the Magazine Media Business Mid-Year 2015” by Tony Silber: The State of the Magazine Media), CEO of Taunton Dan McCarthy spoke about the state of the magazine media business, saying “…the subscription economy is alive and well and ever-changing. Consumers are still readers, and they will pay for content that speaks to something that touches a passion. They will pay in all kinds of formats, including print subscription.” His comments reflect the general consensus of those in the magazine industry, who maintain the vital function of magazines and other forms of print media.

Trusted, Experienced Magazine Distributors

At the end of the day, no matter how great your content is, how polished your high-res pictures are, and no matter how flashy your magazine looks – there are countless publications that fall by the wayside due to poor planning. Poor planning can rear its ugly head in many forms. Scheduling problems, lack of focus and direction, and subpar magazine distribution can all derail a magazine. Fortunately, magazine owners across the country have the chance to turn all of that around with the help of Circ Sense. We are well-versed magazine distribution experts and we would love to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. Discover how we can augment your processes and increase your visibility in an ever-evolving market. Find us online or give us a call today! 305-978-3796

Top 5 Tips For Starting a Successful Magazine


  1. Target your demographic.

    Your magazine content must grab your audience—it needs to pull them in and speak to their specific needs. Determine who you’re writing for and research what they care about. Your top priority is to create content your audience will talk about and share; cracking this code is key to engagement and your magazine’s long-term success. Tone, use of vocabulary, and your target audience’s sense of humor should also be taken into account. If need be, emulate established magazines in your area of interest to accomplish this.

  2. Make an editorial calendar.

    A working editorial calendar helps to plan the topics and type of content your publication will cover for the upcoming year, as well as serve to streamline the entire operation. This can be revised as your magazine’s specific interests, strengths, and demographics are targeted, but should be organized from the start to avoid duplicate content and to help staff plan for upcoming editions.

  1. Create a long term business model. One of the top reasons businesses fail is because they never create a business model. If you want your magazine to thrive, a three to five year business model should be prepared, in addition to a circulation model. This model should reflect all channels of business – costs associated with these various channels of business and potential circulation levels. At Circ Sense, circulation is our specialty. We can help you implement your circulation model and boost your magazine circulation.
  1. Implement an advertising sales strategy. Advertising sales strategy is the backbone of your magazine and must be properly prepared from the start. It is important to define whether you plan to hire in-house ad sales staff, attempt to outsource ad sales, or a mixture of both. Whatever you decide – the sooner you put your strategy into action, the smoother your magazine will run.
  1. Make a production schedule. Choose how often your issues will be printed: Will your magazine will be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.? The sooner you establish a production schedule, the more streamlined and consistent your production process will be. Consistency is an essential goal—if you want to maintain readership, your readers need to know when to expect the next issue. You can also decide price points and sales packages based on when your issues are released. At Circ Sense, our experts know the ins-and-outs of magazine production and circulation: by using our services, we can ensure that your magazine sees optimal circulation to your target markets.

Check out Circ Sense for more information on how we can help make your magazine successful by increasing circulation.

Why Print Matters: Surviving the Digital Age



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The Ebb and Flow of Magazine Distribution

In the midst of the digital age, young and old people alike are discovering or re-discovering the benefits of print media. The trend is similar to that of music, wherein young listeners are appreciating record players again, and finding that in some cases “the old ways are the best ways” rings true. Many readers today are re-evaluating their reliance on digital readers, tablets, and screens of any shape or form. The simple act of tangibly holding print media – be it a magazine, newspaper, or other periodical – is incomparable. Magazine aficionados, whether they are a regular subscriber or a casual reader, enjoy setting aside time to read. Frequently they relax with a magazine in hand: at the beach, on the sofa by the fire, on a lazy Saturday morning with a cuppa joe.

The fact is that magazine circulation has been declining in recent years, but that decline is slowing, and young people are growing weary of reading content on screens. The time is ripe to capitalize on their affinity for “retro” ways of doing things by distributing your magazine to the right places.

Magazine Airports Distribution

The special time set aside for reading approach to reading can be applied to casual readers too. Think of airports, where passengers are encumbered by a plane delay and are forced to pick something up to pass the time. The distribution of your magazine at the waiting area of VIP clubs of significant airlines provides great exposure for your magazine. With Circ Sense in your corner, you can rest assured that you will reap the benefits of old and young readers alike.

Building a Successful Modern Magazine

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Popular Types of Magazines

Look around any doctor’s office and you will find a plethora of magazines for your perusal. These periodicals are some of the most popular because their content are in high demand. If you are looking to start a successful magazine, there are a few kinds that are particularly high in demand, which we have outlined for you:

The boom of social media and sites like TMZ have fed into the public demand for entertainment and celebrity news. In turn, entertainment magazines have become some of the most popular on the market. General news is not ignored, however – as they are still leading in distribution. Ultimately, choosing one consistent theme for your magazine is the best approach. Finding just the right niche in the market can pay large dividends in readership increases. By putting out a magazine with your own carefully selected nuances, you can really stand-out among the rest.

Magazine Distribution

Once you have established your theme, the next thing you have to worry about is getting your magazine out to the public. Sending your magazine to areas with heavy traffic is key when exposing your newly launched magazine. At CircSense, we offer various types of distribution including Public Place Distribution. Individuals spending time in waiting rooms of doctor’s offices or in hair salons are prime targets for magazines – these are key opportunities to get your brand known. Here at CircSense, we can target this captive audience in these waiting rooms and other public places by category of location, geographically, and by demographics – allowing you to distribute to all major cities in the country. In addition, this distribution tactic has a demonstrated average of 10+ readers per copy, effectively multiplying the total number of readers for any given issue.

Visit us online today to learn more about how we at CircSense can help catapult your magazine into the upper stratosphere of success!